Private Flower Workshops in Kelowna: Perfect for Bachelorette Parties & Special Occasions!

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Here at Passionate Blooms, we take pride in our knowledgeable team of florists and design experts who see to creating our beautiful bouquets and amazing arrangements. Learn the craft from our talented team, with our ongoing workshops that cover a range of topics for all your floral creations! Our workshops are put together with different end goals in mind – are you looking to master the craft, or is this a team building exercise? Are we hosting your bachelorette party, or is this a family function? Once we have the details of what you are after, our customized workshops will provide everything you want, and more! Additionally, we arrange for special requests, such as beer and wine, professional photography, and/or food and snacks. Make your special day entertaining for everyone, with tailored workshops that compliment any occasion.

Professional Kelowna Florists: Workshops for Everyone!

Let us show you the craft of crowns, the elegant touch that adds natural beauty to any style.  During this workshop, you will find out which flowers and foliage work best together, how to arrange them, and finally how to create the crown! In these creative classes, we work hands-on to instruct on the basics of crown construction, with all the supplies and tools you will need to make your perfect crown. Join us for these fun and informative sessions held monthly, or schedule in your own – the only requirement is a group of six or more.

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Have you admired terrariums, but don’t know where to get started? These cute and customizable enclosures bring the outdoors inside, creating a calming atmosphere for those who are around to enjoy it.  Succulents offer an approachable entry point for newcomers, so in our class we will go over the essential know-how to create and care for your personal terrarium. We will explain the differences and specifics of Cacti and Echeveria, their origins, and where they come from! Attendees will receive a variety of different materials to use, and take home a modern glass container to create their first terrarium inside of. Join us, and build your own terrific terrarium!

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Try something new, learn how florists craft foliage into the outstanding arrangements that grace the homes and offices of our clients and customers. Flowers have a powerful effect on the mood of any space, take a step towards the natural side, find out how your talents can be reflected by the flowers you choose, and the colours that work best together.

We regularly run Flower Workshops at our West Kelowna shop and throughout the Okanagan, so keep an eye out for upcoming events or give us a call at 250.808.1282 to book a private workshop!

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