Plants and our health

We’ve all heard before that keeping plants is good for your health….but how?

Firstly, let’s look at obvious health benefits. Some indoor plants are known to be air purifiers, due to their ability to absorb things like environmental toxins and volatile compounds out of the air. Volatile compounds (such as BPAs) get released from plastics, paints, and other certain synthetic materials, and are found in higher amounts indoors than outdoors. By investing in some indoor plants such as bamboo, ficus, aloe vera, or English ivy, these concentrations can be significantly lowered to result in easier breathing all around.

It is also scientifically proven that tending to plants helps relieve stress and balance energy, and can increase concentrative abilities and memory retention. The act of caring for a plant can reflect in increased compassion in other interpersonal relationships. The increased levels of oxygen that result from keeping plants leads to more energy and a happier mood. Choosing flowers in shades of soft blue and purple adds calm and serenity to a room, as natural aesthetic beauty is soothing to the human personality.