Choosing a florist for your wedding day

Many brides that contact me have NO clue about flowers. I mean let’s face it, do many people know what Amaranthus or Agapanthus looks like? There are so many options besides roses or calla lilies to add to a bouquet or centrepiece that non-florists just aren’t aware of.

When choosing your wedding flowers, you first have to understand the theme or style of your wedding and then the colour palate. Gather some pictures together, maybe start a Pinterest board to show your florist and decorator what you like. Try to keep in mind that lots of pictures are photo shopped and sometimes even use fake flowers so your bouquet or arrangement will rarely look identical to another photo.

Another thing to keep in mind is that flowers grow, well, naturally. Every flower is different and may bend a different direction or be slightly different shape or shade. No one can control this, not even the growers so be prepared if your purple is a different shade than the chair sash you wanted to match it to. I tell Brides all the time that having multiple shades of colour makes looks a lot richer, overall.

Lots of people think they can handle doing the flowers on their own before the big day, trust me, there are so many factors that come into play that florists know better than anyone. Trying to do them yourself can be tedious and stressful, no one wants to feel that way a couple of days before their wedding. Leave it to the professionals on this one!

Find a florist that is experienced and you are comfortable with. Chances are the better you fit with who you choose to hire, the smoother things will be. Check out florist website and testimonials as well.

Remember that your wedding bouquet is an accessory to your dress. You want to pay more for yours than the bridesmaids and make sure you get your photographer to take pictures of the flowers upon arrival on the day.