The Best Flowers for Mother’s Day

What to get your Mom for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 12, which is right around the corner! It can be hard to find something tangible to explain to your mom exactly how much she means to you. But even a Mom who asks you to buy her nothing for Mother’s Day will be excited about a beautiful, hand arranged, fresh flower bouquet. Fresh, flower bouquets for Mother’s Day from Passionate Blooms can include a range of stunning, seasonal florals along with lush greenery and foliage.

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What are the most common flowers for Mother’s Day?

Roses for Mother’s Day

Of course the best, most classic way to say “I love you, Mom” is with roses. Whats the right colour rose for Mother’s Day? Traditionally, pink roses mean appreciation and admiration. Roses are perfect for your Mom if you would explain her as classic, intelligent and sophisticated.

Hydrangeas for Mother’s Day

Hydrangea’s are typically known to symbolize heartfelt emotions, including gratefulness, gratitude and thanks! Depending of different colours hydrangea’s can also be known to communicate bragging or boasting. Because there can be mixed feelings behind hydrangeas, it’s best to pair them with other flowers to make sure you get the correct meaning across to your Mom!

Carnations for Mother’s Day

Carnations are typically the official flowers for Mother’s Day! Pink carnations mean “A Mother’s Love” and with their sweet fragrance they have become a symbol of wishing a mother love. There is a reason for Carnations being the official flower of Mother’s Day and that has to do with the “founder” of Mother’s Day in the United States, who gave 500 carnations away at the first official celebration in 1908!

Chrysanthemums for Mother’s Day

Chrysanthemums literally end with the word MUM, so it only makes sense they’re commonly used for Mother’s Day. Chrysanthemums can often symbolize support from family and loved ones, as well as enduring the birth of a child. In Australia, chrysanthemums are the most popular flower for Mother’s Day.

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Get your Mom the Gift that Keeps on Giving, for Mother’s Day!

Why not tell your Mom you love her, by getting her a subscription to the exclusive Flower Club. She will receive gorgeous, fresh hand-tied bouquets delivered right to her home or work every month!

If you buy your Mom the Flower Club subscription, we’ll make sure she receives her first bouquet ON Mother’s Day!

The bouquets will be different each month, including a mixture of flowers and lush greenery, beautifully arranged and hand-tied to be placed in a vase. We use seasonal blooms from all over the world, including local blooms during the right season.

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